Updated on january 20th 2021

Since the beginning of the Covid pandemic we at Gullkistan have taken seriously guidance from Icelandic health authorities and so far all our artists have been safe and healthy.

Information about travel to Iceland can be found on the official website curated by Iceland’s Directorate of Health and The Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management,

At the moment everyone arriving in Iceland needs to have two covid tests with a 5 day interval. During these 5 days one must quarantine according to rules given and our artists have been able to do that at the residency following the rules provided.

Gullkistan helps those in quarantine by arranging grocery shopping before their arrival according to their wishes.

Before travelling everyone must fill out the pre-registration form.
Those who are neither citizens of EEA/EFTA states nor citizens of Andorra, Monaco, San Marion or the Vatican must fill out form C before travel and bring it with them.

Be sure to have all your documents provided by Gullkistan as well as your passport.

Please feel free to contact us any time if you have questions.