The Residency

Accommodation is in two buildings in the village of Laugarvatn.
1) Kistan – a big cabin with 4 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and a living room.
2) The Center – includes 2 bedrooms, bathrooms, a big kitchen and the studio spaces.

We have both single and double bedrooms. The houses are fully equipped with modern facilities, washing room and Wi-Fi connection. The view is wide and beautiful, with the lake in front and Mt. Hekla and Mt. Eyjafjallajökull further behind.

Gullkistan is family friendly and we accept applications the whole year round. We try to arrange for separate housing when artists bring their families.

The residents are encouraged to participate in mutual activities.

Studio photos




Per month:
850 € Small single room, one studio space included
950 € Single room, one studio space included
1150 € Double room, one studio space included
1450 € Double room with extra studio space
Apartments for families can usually be arranged. Fee may depend on time of year or other factors.


Accommodation photos



Here is the application form. Send CV and aim of stay to

Minimum stay is one month. If you are interested in a shorter stay feel free to contact us.



Past residents

Click here to see the list of over 350 people from all over the world who have come to work at Gullkistan.