The Gullkistan residency is located in a quiet village by the Laugarvatn Lake with a view of the Hekla volcano. (don’t worry, we are a safe distance away).  It has two studios with shared tools, materials and WiFi. Accommodation ranges from single rooms to studio apartments, when availabe. Gullkistan is a quiet and remote place, but only 120 km from the Keflavik International Airport, 70 km from Reykjavík, and 40 km from Selfoss, the center for south Iceland services. It is accessible year round. Gullkistan is also near to Geysir and the Gullfoss waterfall as well as the high lands.

Welcome to Gullkistan

" Best. January. Ever! "

Joe Decker, photographer

The Residency

Gullkistan is a well equipped residency in a beautiful setting, perfect for artists and scholars with an ambition to work, create and be inspired by the South Icelandic country side. Plenty of peace and quiet. More info


International Student groups have come to Gullkistan to work with their professors. Surrounded by nature, one learns to look at it as it looks at you! Gullkistan has been a place for various workshops and seminars, art courses and exhibitions, and open studios. More info

Your idea?

Want to operate your project at Gullkistan? Please contact us for any additional details, testimony, and pricing.