Student groups

Are you interested in bringing a group to Iceland to be inspired by the unique natural beauty of our country and culture? Gullkistan is always available to host study abroad programs for students of all ages and from around the world.

We can arrange lectures on Icelandic art, history, and literature as well as studio art workshops in painting, photography, printmaking, and more. We can arrange accommodation, food, planning, transportation, as well as organizing informative and fun field trips around Iceland.

We love working with students and introducing them to all of the art, culture, and natural beauty Iceland has to offer. Together, we have worked with The Rutgers University, Monroe College and The Shenandoah University from the United States. Collectively we have over 50 years of experience teaching international students art and literature. We speak English, Scandinavian, and Spanish.


Gullkistan has from the beginning been a place for seminars, courses in art, exhibitions of art and open studios.

Gullkistan is well connected with the surrounding community and guests are sometimes asked to give lectures or take part in cultural activities such as book readings and visiting students.

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