NOCTURNE: BLUE & GREY, 2011  Oil on panel, 24 x 24″

PERSISITENCE OF LIGHT – Barbara Milne New Paintings

In July of 2009, I spent two weeks at a residency in Iceland in an area referred to as the Golden Circle.  No amount of research prepared me for the sensorial experience of this raw, elegant and epic landscape.  Geothermal pools, pure water, geysers, glaciers, waterfalls and black volcanic terrain combine in a place of mystery and wonder.  The midnight sun is described as a permanent dusk or glare in the northern skies in midsummer.  This light persisted in ways that both softened and sharpened the depth of field.  In Iceland I completed eighteen site works that are direct and immediate.  Since that time my paintings are reflections on the elemental quality of the open spaces and the remembered Icelandic palette.  The works are about the void and a response to the atmospheric effects of light, fog, temperature and moisture.  Large and small scale paintings are titled Nocturnes, pared down in subject matter, these works are emblematic, reduced and distilled.

Barbara Milne

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