Midnight fishing

For july we have 9 new guests and some of them our first in the new houses. The first weekend we had a great pot luck dinner where we also had some other guests with us.

Then our guests went to work and so did we, there is still a lot of little things to do.

Despite all kinds of weather there was a chance to go midnight fishing in the lake and to go for a highland trip with a new tour company in Laugarvatn. It is amazing how close we are to the naked wilderness…

  1. Andrea DeJong – visual artist, Iowa City, USA – www.andreadejong.com 
  2. Alexander Sigman, multimedia and music, S- Kórea – www.lxsigman.com
  3. Ellis Mhairi Cameron, Designer, jewelry aaker, Scotland – www.ellismhairicameron.com
  4. Ruitong Zhao, new media, DC, USA
  5. Karl Grohmann, composer, USA – www.karlgrohmann.com
  6. Kelvin Mason, artist, Chicago, USA – www.subtopiastudios.com
  7. Geetanjali Shree, writer, New Delhi, India – en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geetanjali_Shree
  8. Sudhir Chandra, historian, New Delhi, India – rfiea.fr/fellows/sudhir-chandra
  9. Lauren Baines, choreographer, performance artist, San Jose, C:A, USA – www.laurenbaines.com

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