Our Estonian guest at Gullkistan, Peeter Krosmann, conducted  a one day course  in Comics at the Gullistan Studio on Saturday the 17th. Participants had great time and the outcome was interesting. They worked on the story about the treasure in Gullkistan:

The treasure in Gullkistan

Miðdalsfjall is the name of the mountain above the farm Miðdalur (Mid Valley). On the mountain there is a cliff called Gullkistan (Gold Chest).

It is said that in Gullkistan there is a hidden treasure and it can only be found if two brothers from Miðdalur walk backwards together from their home all the way to the top of Gullkistan. On the way they may never look over their shoulders, they must never wander off the right path and they may never argue about what direction to take. If they do not follow these rules it is useless to look for the treasure.

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