Beauty and solitude: photographer Emily Stoker captures the terrain of Iceland

Text by Jessica Pages

Embarking on this journey didn’t take a lot of planning on Stoker’s part, she stayed away from tourist books and didn’t bring a map––she wanted an organic experience, responding to what lied ahead–– instead of creating expectations.

Stoker stayed at the Gullkistan Residency, a sheep farm and artist residency helmed by two powerful Icelandic women and best friends––who invite artist from all over the world and give them space for their projects.

Iceland is roughly the same size of Virginia, in hours you can travel from the beach to glaciers then on to lava fields. The country feels so large because of the overwhelming differences in landscape.

Stoker explored all of Iceland––letting her camera and her instincts lead her––from the sheep fields to the glacier fields. She created a small glimpse into the magical terrain and beautiful people of Iceland.