Keiko Kurita artist from Japan  and Kerstin Jakobsson artist from Sweden have been our guests in May.
Here you can see Kerstin’s description about her work and a few of her works.
Below a link to their website and one more to Keiko’s photos from her february stay at Gullkistan.

We want to thank them for a wonderful time and hope to see them soon again.

May 30th, 2012

The Inner Fire

I have been on Iceland a couple of times before, and love the both harsh and powerful landscape.

During my stay at Gullkistan I worked with a theme of the both nurishing, and destructve  force, “The Inner Fire”.

We find the inner fire in both man and land. On Iceland the fire is so close to the surface,  you can see its consequenses everywhere. The fire within earth, has created the restlessness in the landscape, lavafields buldging like the sea. This restlessness I transferred to my own hand, making paintings of pieces of lava in their colors of ochra, red and black.

Keiko in february