IMG_3742People come and go and here is a list of our guests in august and september. We welcome them all and look forward to see what they will surprise us with!

Adrian McGruther, Composer / Sound Designer, Sidney, Australia,
Jeanne Borensztajn, student in fine art in Paris, France
Juliette Marie, student in fine art in Lorient (Bretagne), Paris, France
Andrea Krupp, painter, Philadelphia, USA –
Laura Marconi, painter, Philadelphia, USA
Noémie Letu, photographer, Montreal, Canada –
Yasser Fadili, videographer, Montreal, Canada –
Martin Sercombe, artists’ films, animations, documentaries, photographer and director of Media Projects East –
Britta Pollmuller, artist and teacher and is currently working on her PHD entitled ‘Animation and Creativity in Education – and
Hallur Karl Hinriksson, painter, Selfoss, Iceland –

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