April gestir

From left, Erin, Anika, Anne, Laurita, Emily (Emma’s assistant), Kelley and Emma.

Spring surely is in the air, snow melts away and birds come from faraway and sing so happily all around.
Just like the birds these women have flown from Australia, America and Europe and they sing their own songs!

Erin Canady, artist,  Asheville, USA
Anika Steppe, cinema and photography, Ithaca, NY, USA – anikasteppe.com
Anne Carli, cinema and photography, Atlanta, GA, USA – recent project
Laurita Siles Ceballos, artist, Andalucia, Spain –www.folklorenomada.com
Emma Mc Evoy, Fine art photographer, Australia – emmamcevoy.com
Kelley Schei, artist, Denver, CO, USA – www.kelleyschei.tumblr.com